Greetings everyone, I'm Costas and I blog about my one true love.....Athens. A city with many hidden treasures a delectable restaurant scene and ancient wonders dotted around Goddesses Athena's garden. My focus is to bring to life the reality of Athens' true essence and perhaps mention a few Greek Myths along the way.... With a Marble Wonder of The World acting as the city's emblem, sublime cuisine, electric nightlife and a coastline with turquoise pristine waters why would I be anywhere else. From time to time I will bring to life the little gems of the Aegean Sea.....The Greek isles....Let's go fishing. Please join me as I attempt to Greekify you and hopefully encourage you to share my passion for this incredible land.....Because after all not everything Greek is a myth.
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Table Salt brings you gastronomy thrills with an Athenian flare. Whether it's traditional Greek, sushi or sweet and spicy Table Salt puts you in the know of the 'hidden gem' eateries in town. Our ethos is to 'live like a local if only for two days' and indulge in the authentic flavours of Athens city living.